CJ Higgins

Theatre Artist


CJ Higgins is a Philadelphia-local theatre artist, currently living in Haddonfield, New Jersey.  They have performed with companies including Theatre Horizon, The Hum'n'bards Theater Troupe, Limelight PAC, Ebenezer Maxwell Mansion, Allens Lane Theater, and more. They are a founding company member of The Hum’n’bards Theater Troupe, through which they have performed and directed multiple devised productions. CJ was recognized as a DC Metro Arts Favorite Performance for Spring/Summer 2016, for their performance as Jo March in Little Women.

CJ graduated magna cum laude from Rowan University with a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Arts, concentration in Musical Theatre, and a minor in Psychology.  After graduation, they were Theatre Horizon's first Season Apprentice in arts administration.

When not performing theatre, they write comedic songs about social justice and host a podcast called My Gay Agenda: An Investigative Podcast.

CJ is non-binary (androgyne, specifically) and uses they/them pronouns.

My very first musical,  Enchanted Shores of Ka Lae,  Spring 2006.

My very first musical, Enchanted Shores of Ka Lae, Spring 2006.


Hi!  Thanks for reading my fancy biography, here's some important things to know about me:

I got into theatre because I was really terrible at sports as a kid.  That said, I was the hula-hoop champion of my high school.  If a topic is Disney-related, I have incredibly strong opinions about it.  My favorite joke about theatre is "An actor walks into a bar.  Can I get some glow tape on this?".

My strengths lie in portmanteau and Google-ing "fancy word that means combining two words that sound alike".