CJ Higgins

Theatre Artist

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I will be returning to the Ebenezer Maxwell Mansion in September as The Musician in Oscar Wilde’s Salome. As you may have guessed, I will be playing music throughout the show, which I will be writing myself!

Written in 1891 and initially banned by censors, Salome is Oscar Wilde’s only tragedy. Seldom produced even to this day, this powerful play is filled with beautifully poetic language and startling imagery. King Herod wants his stepdaughter Salome to dance for him, and in return will give her anything she wants. She wants the head of John the Baptist on a silver platter. A performance scored entirely with live music, this will be an intensely exhilarating theatrical experience you will never forget.


Ghost Quartet

Bringing this production to Philadelphia has been a dream of mine since I first listened to the score. Now, I’ll be co-directing it and performing the Gelsey track!

Reverberating through time and reality, four friends break a camera, scream about the apocalypse, weave tales, betray each other, and drink whiskey.  Ghost Quartet is an anachronistic song cycle about whether ghosts exist, and how they do even for the non-believers.

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