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My Gay Agenda: An Investigative Podcast is a bi-weekly podcast where we interview members of the LGBTQIA+ community and plan our world domination. CJ Higgins and Jenn Adams are your co-conspirators in plotting whatever it is cisgender heterosexual people think gay people are doing.

Released on National Coming Out Day of 2017, this podcast has featured many queer members of the Philly community, as well as guests from outside the East Coast.  Our goal is to create a safe and loving environment for queer people to discuss their experiences, while providing allies with the tools they need to help.

guest appearances


Sex with timaree

"The minds behind the podcast My Gay Agenda return to discuss such topics as: Why Philly is the gayest city, Our Greatest Fears, Kylo Ren and John Wick, Cher, Fried Green Tomatoes, Rocky Horror, Tim Curry, That Horse in The Never Ending Story, Non Binary old people, and more! We were kind of all over the place with this one. It was great.”


bit Lip

“This week I chatted with CJ Higgins about Napoleon Dynamite. CJ is a co-host for My Gay Agenda: An Investigative Podcast and all around rad human being (and fantastic performer). We chatted about creepy Uncle Rico and the great mysteries of Idaho.”


The voice of free planet x

"Fan-favorite Lucifer, Who Is The Morningstar, sits down for an interview the likes of heaven and hell have ever seen! Can Jared handle this most demonic of guests? And what of the infernal entourage lurking in the shadows?"

Featuring CJ as the voice of Agent Seven.



"Boo! On today’s spooky episode, Ross is joined by the hosts of My Gay Agenda to talk all things Coraline! The three talk the specificity of Goosebumps horror, what a play adaptation of Coraline would look like, and gush over the Other Father Song for a big ol’ chunk. Plus, they shit on the Shrek 4D experience at Universal Studios!"


rep radio

On today’s podcast, we explore My Gay Agenda, a podcast features members of the creative LGBTQIA community. CJ Higgins and Jenn Adams talk about the origins of this podcast and where their other creative pursuits lie, including The Hum’n’bards Theatre Troupe’s production of We’ll Sleep When We’re Dead. Stay Tuned!”

party of one.png

Party of one

"Live from the Everything is Awesome HEADstrong Comedy Festival. There's nothing quite like live theatre."