CJ Higgins

Theatre Artist


Note: External press vary my name and pronoun usage, with several having been written before my change in personal reference.  Use of my dead-name and any pronouns besides they/them is a product of having been written in the past, not active misgendering.

We’ll Sleep When We’re Dead

“The reasons it was created, and eventually made mandatory, get a drily funny explanation in monologues by Dr. Tyler Hereaux (CJ Higgins)…and those YouTube ‘videos’ are hilarious”

James and the giant peach

“Another peach of a singer was [CJ] Higgins. [They’re] a younger Ethel Merman type with deeper vibrato.”


"Using only one antique chair as a prop, she is vital and animated as she moves around the intimate space, gesturing and miming the activities in which she engaged, assuming the accents and demeanors of her family, fellow hospital staff, patients, and chaplain she encountered, and capturing the expressive tone of Alcott’s descriptive language."

pangaea: a folk opera

"[CJ] Higgins brings pep to the show with [their] squirrely antics in 'The Friendship Song' and, somehow, real sadness to the phrase 'Does anyone have any leads on cheap couches?'"

Little women

"[They] fully embodied the character and her era, bringing all the 'humor and pathos' to her coming-of-age role."

my spotify playlist “Weird theatre” (wasn’t a play, but I’m proud of this playlist)

“Duuuuuude this playlist is LIT! I feel bad for anyone who hasn’t discovered that they can follow you on Spotify and listen to the best songs from the best musicals. They probably have a lower quality of life.”

-Wyatt Flynn